Has anyone used this site before ?
    Seems to good to be true.


    the domain registrar is WILD WEST DOMAINS, INC.
    sound like a bunch of cowboys to me

    Original Poster

    To be fair, GHD have them listed as a legit seller.

    no other details on whois and no contact details, registered address etc on website
    on that basis alone i would steer clear personally
    if you google the domain the words that jump out at me are "scam" and "scammer"
    you pay your money you take your chances i guess, but if it looks too good to be true...
    good luck

    this is off the ghd site i don't see them on here

    Official ghd website -
    Amazon -
    ASOS -
    Beauty Bay -
    Beauty Expert -
    Beauty Flash -
    Feel Unique -
    UK Hairdressers -
    Salon Skincare -
    The Funky Group -
    HQ Hair -
    Want the Look -
    LookFantastic -
    Mankind -
    Haircare Heaven -
    Salon Lines -

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