huawei ascend 550, How to move apps to SD?

Found 7th Feb 2015
Hi, I know this is what you need to do as only 4gb, However only had phone 24hrs and already full and it wont let me transfer the big apps to my SD card? Got 1gb that im waiting to transfer to my 25gb SD. Anybody know how to do it? I'm a Htc man myself. Seems like its a few clicks, however every app i click on that i would like to transfer, gives me an UN-highlighted option to move to SD. This phone has been brill in removing bloatware etc.. without needing anything else. What am i doing wrong?


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if you go into SETTINGS->STORAGE is it telling you you have free space in the SD card ?

not asking you to check the obvious but u need to verify your SD card is mounted and has space first...
go to play store and install an app called "APPS2SD" then run it

that will make life much easier for you
What version android is it. my HTC one m8 is 4.4 and that won't let the phone write to ad card. you have to do it with Ian on pc
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