Huawei Genuine Phone Battery Replacement £24.90, eligible phones only @ Huawei

Posted 18th Jul 2022
My Huawei Mate 20 Pro is almost 4 years old and the battery isn't great anymore. I have yet to find a replacement and tempted by deals here. But I found out this great promo from Huawei that will replace the phone's battery for only £24.90 (discounted from £59 and it was previously on offer for £39).

You need to check if the promotion is available for you by providing the phone's serial number.

90 days Huawei official warranty for battery replacement.
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    Battery replacement for my mate 20 pro comes up at £59 :/

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    I'd imagine that it's a precaution from Huawei to stop people complaining that they've lost data because of the battery replacement, but it's more likely about personal privacy / GDPR?

    I'd just extract any files I wanted to keep before sending it back and then wipe it (still have some Mate 20X files on here, actually!).
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    That's even better than November's deal.

    Weirdly, I sent mine (Mate 20X) and boyf's (Mate 20 Pro) back at the same time, different packages. Huawei took the money and then refunded me - for both?

    Mine was still in warranty as I was able to do the warranty extension (I'd redeemed a few) at the time, but boyf's was out of warranty - so I'm still not sure why I was given refunds. But I'm not complaining!

    Sold the Mate 20X with a new case and screen protector but I still kinda miss it.

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    Yes, I remember packing them up and labelling them. They get returned by the same courier, if I remember right.

    Same sort of thing that happens with any manufacturer warranty repair I've done (not many, mind you). (edited)
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    90 days warranty is utterly farcical compared to the 730 days battery warranty provided for a new product from same source stated here,
    which coupled to a generally-accepted reasonable life cycle count expectancy of minimum 500+ should make an easy CRA claim against the Berkshire-based company if the replacement battery has notably degraded within say 15months.
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    Why is this a discussion? It is a deal.

    11551796861658184097.jpg (edited)
    It was a Deal post back in November 2021 (think there was one in Discussions around the same time - I only found out about it through HUKD chatter on a thread)…363
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    Would have added heat. Thanks OP
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    DHL collected my phone today, I will report when I get it back
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    My phone came back today but was delivered at my working place, I have to wait until Thursday to get it as I am working from home.
    They have changed the battery the same day as it has arrived to the service centre. If you book a collection for Monday, you are likely to have it back before the weekend. (edited)

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    Thanks very much - I've scheduled for Monday morning
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    One week turnaround and do you need to backup the phone before sending?
    I sent mine on Thursday and it was returned on Tuesday. If you plan a collection on Monday, likely to return by end of the week.
    I took a backup but I think is not that useful, maybe just for photos video if you don't upload them to the cloud already. (edited)
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    Great deal. As it looks like this is on for a while, may do it later since my battery isn't too bad.
    I don't know for how long the phone will still receive updates, so I preferred to change it now.
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    @MrSwitch, apologies for the undirected mentioning but do you know, by any chance, why this is not a deal?
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    Time for battery replacement on my good old mate 20x. I won't bother with postal service and data backup though. Just pop into their Wembley repair centre. They normally do it within half an hour while you wait
    I wish I could have done that, but I am not in London. I am not sure if they still reset it though
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    My mate 20 Pro still lasts a day so not sure it's really worth me changing it.
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    Has anyone who has had the replacement done any checks on accubattery or similar? Mine is showing as 86% capacity after replacement?
    I don't use that app normally, I have installed it and capacity shown on the health tab. So I can't really tell. So far. The new battery holds charge well and it is faster to recharge.
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