Huawei GT2e vs Garmin Vivoactive 4

Posted 26th Apr 2020
Is anyone able to advise the better purchase between a Huawei HT2e and a Garmin Vivoactive 4, for my needs.
I require the watch to provide accurate metrics. The longer the battery life the better as when I'm on walking holidays, I'd like to record my route for the entire day, and not have the watch run out of battery power.
I'm won't be uploading data to Strava or anything like that. I simply would like the watch to record my walking routes, my heart rate, stress levels, sleep patterns, maybe my golf too, but to do all this accurately. I need to be confident that info I'm reading on the App is accurate.
I will pair the watch with Bluetooth headphones too, so to listen to music stored on the watch.
I will be pairing the watch with an Android phone too.
If you advise on the more suitable purchase it will be appreciated.
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