Huawei or Samsung? Help!

Posted 5th Dec 2019
Hey Guys,

My poor Samsung Galaxy S8 has died a death and I am looking to buy a new phone for myself to go with my sim-only Three contract.
Hoping someone has researched a little and would help me out as I find myself stuck between a Huawei and Samsung and whether to get another Galaxy s8 for £200 (2nd hand - grade A) or push up to £450 for something like a Huawei P30 or a Galaxy s10. Would appreciate getting your thoughts, am mainly using it for watching youtube vids and taking pictures.

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Either to be honest. Both great. I have one of each. The Huawei has a better camera.
If you are getting the non pro p30, than get the mate 20 pro. It's Better and cheaper
P30 probably have better camera.

However, samsung seems the value better than huawei if you are going to sell it in future
Don't get a Galaxy S8 again, too old now and no more OS upgrades. Samsung have better software but Huawei have better hardware.

Please do not forget to consider alternatives to these brands, such as Xiaomi, OnePlus, Nokia, Oppo, etc. as many offer better value.
i bought the s9 new last year and i would not consider buying another s9 new, let alone another s9 old as post above said.

huawei is good value at the moment because of the row with trump so everything is uncertain. i think it is worth taking a punt and buy huawei as i am thinking it will all die out and everything will be back to normal.
Thanks for all the tips and tricks people! Will take it all in to consideration.
I was in precisely the same posn, s8 died, I am on Three and I bought a refurb Huawei 10 lite for £120. Wouldn't bother with a Samsung again, these are really good value.
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