Huawei p30 Pro vs iPhone 11

Posted 9th Jan
Looking at these 2 phones and unsure what to get. I’ve always used iPhone but feel like there’s not much between each release. I’m a basic phone user, photos social media. Messaging and calls and a few different apps. I feel like I should stay with iPhone as I always have been, but can’t help feeling like I’d be getting more for my money and more functionality by a switch to the p30 Pro. Then what scares me is the google ban with huawei etc??

So should I stay with iPhone or switch to the p30 Pro? Thoughts?
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I switched to android and hated it. Tried OnePlus and Samsung and it was all horrible. Didn’t agree with me at all. Might be worth a go in your case but this is just my personal experience. Now back on an iPhone and as good as ever.
I’ve switched from 6s to p30 pro and haven’t looked back since. Does take a little use to but it’s fantastic phone n not as expensive.
I went iPhone 5 to Samsung Galaxy 7 Edge to iPhone XS Max. I wouldn’t go back to Android again. Yes I’m an Apple Fan Boy, don’t hate me.
I’ve been having the same personal dilemma with my self for about a year now, iPhone user since launch but tempted by the glamour specs of android phones. I’m not brave enough to pay £500+ on a android phone knowing there is a possibility of feeling disappointed also keeping in mind that android phones don’t hold resale value as much as iPhones. I use my friend’s android phones for a few minutes, I know it’s a unfair judgement but it really feels awkward, It’s feels like I’m using a laptop. I believe IOS offers smooth usability & practicality. Maybe try the OnePlus as it’s not effected by the ban and peeps are happy with the operating system. Good luck
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“I feel like there’s not much between each release”. lol.

When it comes to upgrading, you should see a huge boost in performance and features. That means, upgrading every few years.

e.g if you bought an iPhone 7 back in 2016, and upgrade to an 11 pro today, you would see a huge boost.

obviously if you upgrade on a yearly basis, you won’t see much difference.
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