Found 24th Aug 2016
Anyone got one, can you tell me your likes/dislikes, would you recommend one or is there something better for the price.

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It's a good phone, great build quality, good quality camera, generally good performance too. The EMUI skin over Android is a bit like marmite, some people hate it, others love it.

The only real issue I had with it is the screen. It's sharp enough but otherwise its quite poor quality. It's dull, washed-out and has poor peak brightness, making it difficult to use outdoors. Lots of cheaper phones have much better quality screens despite having the same 720p resolution (e.g. VF Smart Prime 7, Moto G 2nd & 3rd, Alcatel Pop Star).

IMO the screen is the most important part of a smartphone followed by performance and camera, so I personally wouldn't go for the P8 Lite.

Get the P9 lite instead, much better phone.

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Thanks for that, what about the Samsung Galaxy J5 that is all so in my price range.

cant you just stretch to a moto G4 or similar?

how about a vodafone smart ultra 6?

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Moto G4 is too big, what about Moto G3?

lenovo k5


Moto G4 is too big, what about Moto G3?

​Moto G3 can be had for less than £50 now Good phones

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So its not a very popular phone with only 1 person with any advice on it.

my wife has one and loves it, she has moved from iphones a couple of times and usually goes back pretty quickly. with the p8 lite, she really likes it and even though she's gone back to a. iPhone she misses the huawei and preferred it!
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