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Posted 9th Apr
rapidly loosing my patience with this. Apologies for all the info but some people seem to think i'm a moron that just doesnt know how to change the wallpaper

so essentially i want to apply a new theme. To do this i go into the theme store, download the theme I want & select apply. The whole theme applies.
To customise it i then go: theme store > me > customise > i then have the option to select the following:
- lock screen style
- lock screen wallpaper
- home screen wallpaper
- icons
- text style

i can change the home screen wall paper no issues & it will apply, but when i try to change the lockscreen wall paper even if i choose one of the presets (eg not a photo from my the gallery) then i get the following message "keep the current lock screen style? if you discard it, Magazine unlock will be used instead" .
If I select keep them I keep the theme of the lockscreen but it means i have to use the image it comes with ie i can't change it to my own preferred photo.
If I select discard then it automatically reverts back to magazine unlock theme for lockscreen though will apply my desired image.

I have tried just going to gallery, selecting the image I want to use as lockscreen wallpaper & doing "set as" but even following that process the image still doesn't apply

I have trawled google to find resolutions to this including enabling developer mode, which didnt make a difference. Other sources say trying the following:
settings > home screen & wallpaper > magazine unlock and just slide it off
or Screen lock & password > Magazine unlock
but neither of the above options are avaialbe to me under settings.
I also found something about managing subscriptions & stopping auto download but again those options I cannot find on my device.

please note i have exactly the same issue on my mate 10 pro. Both are running different huawei ID accounts which are running diffferent software:.
m10p is running emui 9.1.0
p30 is running emui 10.0

it seems a basic function to be able to choose lockscreen style I want & the wall paper I want & if i can't do this then honestly tempted to just get rid of the device. Also magazine unlock has auto downloaded over 800 wallpapers to my device (m10p) I don't want this happening on the p30 but as above i can't seem to find a way to stop it on either device.
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if anyone knows maybe you will? seriously regretting buying the p30. Should have tested it out on the m10p before hand but just never thought as it's such a basic thing & was only using the m10p as stop gap so didnt set everything up to my taste
Blimey, such a trivial question to ask in such times..
I don't understand why you've created a second thread from yesterday?

To add to this I thought I'd give it a go and changed the theme, when I got the message I clicked on keep current lockscreen (a photo of my son) and it worked just fine so it's kept the theme but with the images I want for wallpaper and lockscreen.

I'm using a Huawei P20 Pro.
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I'm gonna be honest mate, I've never had that issue as I never changed my theme on my mate 20 x, and now I've got rid I can't even test it for you.

Sorry man.
Tempted to get rid of it for something so trivial? Seems a bit crazy to me.

I have a mate 20, not something I've ever done and I've had it for about a year and a half. I just tried it, changed theme then went and changed unlock screen to one of my own photos. Got the same prompt as you and chose keep. It changed the photo to mine and everything else is the same.

I also use Nova Launcher to customise the UI so I don't bother with the phones own options and that is regardless of manufacturer, I've always done it that way as you get far more choice.…amp

Scroll to the bit about magazine unlock and there you go

I gave you advice yesterday on how I set my lock screen image through nova, I find it easier than messing with the the Huawei themes. It wasn't that I thought you were a moron, apologies of you took it like that.
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