Huawei Whatsapp issue

Posted 20th Jun 2020
So i have had a Huawei Mate 20 Pro on the Three mobile network for almost a year, fab phone and until a couple of weeks ago - couldnt fault it.

However for the past few weeks whatsapp and other apps have caused me major problems.

The problem seems to be happening when im on mobile data, 4G (three network)

My messages simply are frustratingly not coming through!
so as an example i was sent a whatsapp message yesterday at 1pm to get some milk. During my break at 3pm i opened the whatsapp app and the message only came through then. a very annoying delay of TWO HOURS!

NOT a one off as this has now been happening for WEEKS!

I also have other apps, banking, lifestyle apps etc and the same applies to them when i get home and connect to wifi all the alerts come flooding through.
(It it going into some deep sleep mode whilst connected to mobile data?)

My Huawei Mate 20 Pro is rapidly and sadly becoming an expensive paperweight!

Contacted both Huawei and Three - both useless in giving support passing the buck on each other
Somebody Help!!!
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