Posted 11th Dec 2015
My Hudl 2'sould not start or charge 2 weeks ago and followed the instructions of holding down the + volume button and power button for 15 seconds and then press the power on button for 15 seconds and then the power button again and the hudl restarted, this happened again 4 days ago and did the reset, yesterday it would not boot up and no recharge lignt, I have tried the reset, but nothing and tried many times, now I have tried disconnecting the battery and tried it again with no joy. I notied that the casing and screen was warm after leaving it for an hour, so something is happening inside, the battery was holding its power OK for not restarting and showing half full on 2 of the past resets. Any help or ideas would be great. Its over 12 months old and I have had the case apart, so no warranty. Regards. Malc
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