Hue GU10 in Downlight Fitting?

Posted 30th Sep 2017
I have the GU10 Lumlife FT-GU10-FIRE-C fitting, will that be big enough to house the GU10 Hue bulbs. I think I actually bought the fitting and existing bulb under this code BU-FT-GU10-FIRE-5W-36.

Any idea if this can house the Hue GU10 bulb?
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I tried fitting the bulbs into a fire reg fitting and it was a no go, the bulbs are huge. There are bulbs on Amazon that look shorter and work with the hue bridge
I can't help myself but hope you don't mind if I ask a slightly related question..

I was just looking at GU10 fittings myself before I saw this - I'm purchasing some tomorrow for my bathroom refurb and was wondering if the hue GU10's would fit.. Are fire rated a tighter fit around the bulb? I'm looking at getting zone 2/IP44 fittings and was going to have a Google in the morning to see if the hues would fit, I'd rather not buy 1 at £30 to test first. It looks like fore rated are higher spec but I was assuming GU10 bulbs are made to a certain dimensional specification - it appears not?
Further to my comment above, it seems there are long & short housings - the hue GU10's need the longer housing. I've found this link below where someone asks specifically about the hue bulbs on the Q&A on the product page. The housing itself is a fire rated one and seems a reasonable price (although I haven't investigated, it says 60% off) maybe it's worth replacing your existing housings if the hole size and space required is the same:…tml

EDIT: It seems the standard white-only bulbs are a standard size but the colour ones are significantly longer and some people have had issues with fitting them to standard fittings.
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Thanks for reply. I really don't know answer. In my regards it seems fitting dimension is at least Unit height excluding junction box: 105mm. So I am hoping I am ok if Hue is 71mm. But if not I guess it's a change of fitting for me.
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