Huge fire destroys historic pier - Weston-super-Mare

    Dont if any of you have heard but the pier in Weston burnt down this morning, there is video of it on the BBC website.

    Im well gutted, been there loads of times & got some nice memories of going there.

    An to tick me off a bit more the local children's center ( sure start) started taking bookings for a trip to Weston this morning so i got there nice & early to book the trip for the kids as im sure they would of loved going on the pier just like i did when i was there age.

    Now got home to find out the pier so no more


    We dropped the kids off at my sisters who lives in Weston yesterday for a week, it was lovely on the pier yesterday, it looked alot better since they had done it up, although wasn't keen on the 2 bars at the front of the amusements. The kids were going back today so make teddy bears, so atleast that has saved me atleast £30 as it was £10 each to make the little ones.

    They were having a special fun day on the 27th with the Red arrows, oh well at least they have cleared a space for the fun day.

    I wonder if I should be voting this hot!

    I've spent all weekedn in Weston at Helidays.... I've got some good pictures of the pier which now seem to be memories

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    At least the owners are saying that they are planning to try & re-build the pier. IF its half as good as before it will still be a great place to go
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