Huggies Little Swimmers

Looking to purchase some of the above, cheapest i can see are £5.99 a pack!!!! Boots currently doing 3 dor 2, but even thats still expensive for the amount of nappies you actually get in a pack! Just wondering if anyone knows of a cheaper place to get them, i have looked in places like home bargains, b&m, poundland, poundstretcher, but they dont sell um round where i live.


Have you got any Savers near you? Am sure i've seen them in there

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Have you got any Savers near you? Am sure i've seen them in there

Whats a saver? lol, In wigan me

There are some on Ebay which are selling for £3.98 delivered which saves a few pounds! Item number 230613532630 is small but the same seller has all sizes. I've bought them for 1/3 off when Sainsbury's had the baby promotion but I'm not sure when this will be on again.

got a new pack of asda ones that i wont be needing- unsure how much to post though. x

Savers is like superdrug or a poor man's boots lol

Tesco own brand are on special at 2 packs for £5

i have a £2 off voucher for them if that would help, dont want anything for it, would only go in the bin

just send me a PM and let me know if you would like it

Would you not use a reusable swim nappy? Much cheaper

my lo's no longer need theirs i have a packet dont kno how many in there tho
actually just checked got 6 nappis left 16-25lbs know not many but could send to u as alrge letter let me know if int and ill weigh em up x

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I am ok now thanks everyone, i managed to take advantage of the Kiddicare Voucher, and instead of paying £5.99 a pack, i paid 98p a pack!!!!! Bargain! x
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