Found 12th Apr 2011
Is there a rule when it comes to hugging the one you love. Ie girls put hands around the waist while guy put around the shoulders or vice versa.

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Some people are so mean ='(

Is this your first girlfriend?


erm believe it's meant to be natural. I think using hands and arms is the general rule though lol.


Some people are so mean ='(

Youll find 99.9% of them on here are.


Youll find 99.9% of them on here are.

But only in response to stupid questions. Which seem to be ever more occuring here

Yes, there are strict rules set out by the government that dates back to the magna carta.
Also incorrect hugging can lead to back and spine problems known as 'spinus idioticosis'....

Posts like this make me wonder how most of the people on here would actually survive sans internet access.

Simple rule to follow really when hugging your woman.....cup both her bum cheeks with your hands!
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