Today's winner is san_j73 with £196.57
    Special mention to bellarious with £224.89 (refurb-used)

    On the first day of Christmas love_a_bargain and Mike73 dealt for me: a 2Gb MP3 player
    On the second day of Christmas mrmr25 dealt for me: two dozen Christmas Crackers
    On the third day of Christmas highguyuk dealt for me: 3 Full HD LCD TVs
    On the fourth day of Christmas mrmr25 dealt for me: 4 return tickets to New York
    On the fifth day of Christmas jennybubbles dealt for me: 5 Gold Rings


    If HOTUKDEALS isnt running a 12 days of Christmas this year then I'm happy to start one myself..unfortunately no amazon vouchers up for grabs - but would be fun to do a little searching nonetheless.

    For each of the twelve days, HOTUKDEALS members must find the CHEAPEST GENUINE ONLINE price for a given item and post it into the given thread for that day. Your price MUST include:

    1) Description of the item with title
    2) Where you've seen it (HAS TO BE ONLINE!)
    3) Final price as it would leave your bank account. This has to include any postage.
    4) Any mention of QUIDCO, IPOINTS, MUTUALPOINTS or other cash/points back schemes off the back of the deal. Just a word on this - in the event of a tie and ONLY in the event of a tie, QUIDCO and/or others will be taken into consideration.
    5) Your posting must begin 'MY ENTRY IS' so we can tell quickly that your posting entry rather than just a comment. Ok?
    6) Non UK STERLING deals are allowed. But please use as your conversion tool to £ STERLING and post an IMAGE of that conversion with your posting. The rate changes throughout the day!
    7) Items should be delivered to your door. Deals where you can pick up items in-store won't count.
    Unlike in last years' competition, REFURBS ARE allowed in this competition. They would be mentioned in the final posting onto the main board if appropriate (and cheaper!). However, its the new, non-refurb winner whose deal will be given precedence as there is a big chance that the refurb item will be withdrawn or made out of stock over a short period of time.
    9) Be inventive, and think outside of the box

    Each search day will run from 9AM UNTIL 7.30PM and results will feature at the end of that day - the winner announced then. zarguio (i.e. me, and anyone else appointed in case I get really busy! ) has the final say over the winner for each day. We'd be starting on the 12th and running until the 23rd.

    Items to be searched for each day will be broad rather than specific - giving you more scope to argue your case. Posters who remember last year's competition will know what I mean. Unlike last year however, you're allowed more than one entry - as many as you like. We're after the cheapest price here. I'm not a mod so can't delete or edit postings so its up to you to tow the line

    Finally, again - I'm really sorry, but there's no prize for each day as I'm poor - unless ADMIN wish to add some vouchers here?!?!?, so its just for the love of searching. If anyone wishes to contribute a prize then that would be great. I believe a chappie offered some webserver space just before the thread was pulled - or was I imagining things? Get in touch if you have something to give back to the board

    Right folks - this is DAY SIX. And you'll be wanting DAY SIX'S QUEST. So that is:

    FIND THE CHEAPEST ONLINE PRICE FOR 6 x DIGITAL STILLS CAMERAS WITH 6MEGAPIXELS EACH AT LEAST. ALL SHOULD BE AVAILABLE FROM THE SAME COMPANY. Take away any vouchers (these have to be usable by anyone) and post it up on this thread, taking note of the guide above. What's the cheapest price?

    You'll have until 7.30pm tonight to post the cheapest price you can find on the web. Any entries placed after that time wont be taken into consideration.

    All the very best of luck, and merry Christmas!

    Me (x)


    Morning Zarguio. I shall be the first to post today then.

    My entry is

    Pentax Optio E40 8mp 3x Optical Zoom Digital Camera from Ebuyer…155

    £64.99 each with free delivery. (358 in stock)

    £64.99 x 6 = £389.94.

    Original Poster

    Morning love_a_bargain - we missed you at the weekend.

    A great starter price! Well done!

    On both Saturday and Sunday I remembered just too late!! Been busy this weekend - we had a new reclining three piece delivered Sat morning, so I was playing all day!! I seriously considered calling in sick at work today, for an extra day of recling action ha ha!

    I can't believe it's day six already...

    I just tried to give you some rep Zarguio, but apparently I need to share the love with everyone else first :oops::oops:

    Right... must find cheaper cameras...

    [SIZE="1"]PS I have migrated over to UKDealshare, but will be popping back daily for your comp ;-) x[/SIZE]

    My entry is...
    BenQ DC C640 Digital Camera

    34 in stock…ber

    6 x £60.95

    + shipping = £5

    = £371.56

    Don't think I'd ever buy them mind you... Who the hell are BenQ??

    My Entry is:

    Pentax Optio E35 Silver Digital Camera…888

    Price inc VAT £59.99 x 6 = 359.94
    Use Voucher code YAWDE7 for 5% off = -£17.99
    Standard Delivery Free

    Total price = £341.95

    edit: There's also 2.5% quidco available too.…240
    The HP Photosmart E427 Digital Camera features 6-megapixel resolution and 5x digital zoom, enabling users to produce true-to-life 4 x 6-inch prints and enlargements up to poster size. Snap photos quickly and easily - frame and view on the large, 2-inch image display.

    £7 delivery
    £49.98 per camera = £306.90
    Upto 3% cashback at quidco and 4% at cashback junction if anyone uses it…295[LIST]
    [*]Pixels - 7.1 million
    [*]Optical Zoom - 3x
    [*]Screen Size - 2.4 inch
    [*]Memory Format - SD
    [*]Battery Type - AA
    [*]£59.99 free delivery
    [*]£359.94 for 6
    [*]3% quidco or 7.92 at cashback junction not inc codes[/LIST]

    £306.90!! Thats pretty good going!

    My entry is...…g_2

    Samsung S630 Digital Camera - Silver (6.0MP, 3x Optical Zoom) 2.5" LCD
    £49.99 - Quantity: 6 - In Stock
    Condition: new

    6 x £49.99
    Free Delivery
    = £299.94 :-D

    Typical, I've found a place selling 6MP cameras at £40 each and they have only FIVE in stock, damn…625

    Im just trying to drum up business... hopefully the_andy will be over in a bit to p*** on my parade!!


    la la la la la, HEY!

    Im here.

    Beat £299.94 Andy, and I'll be impressed...


    im having a hard time doing it right now... but i wont give up

    HP Photosmart E427 In stock now
    quicklinx: 48QZRR

    free delivery


    My entry is:

    Kodak C743 7.1MP 3x Optical 5x Digital Zoom Camera…3-R

    $89.95 x 6 = $539.70
    USPS Parcel Air = $53.00

    Total = $592.70
    Conversion = £294.48

    Screenshot of conversion:…jpg


    My entry is:

    Kodak Easyshare C653 6.1MP 3x Optical 5x Digital Zoom Camera…3-R

    $74.99 x 6 = $449.94
    USPS Parcel Air = $53.00

    Total = $502.94
    Conversion = £249.90

    Screenshot of conversion:…jpg

    ^ i thought it was 7MP, silly me!

    wouldnt one from america have to add tax to! as its over £25

    Original Poster

    Good try bellarious, but the_andy has pipped you here...

    and I think for the purposes of this quest we'll assume that customs wont stop us

    ...well done the_andy - winner so far!


    *starts googling frantically*

    Original Poster

    Have just taken another look and the_andy's choice is a refurb. Under the rules of the competition, whilst refurbs are allowed, its the non-refurbs that will get the biggest mention.

    So we're split again - the_andy has the cheapest refurb, but bellarious is the current winner for non-refurb at £299.90 from BT Shop....

    A bit to late but what the hell.

    ]Fuji Refurb with 6.3 million pixels

    6 Fuji FinePix A600

    £42.99 with £5.49 postage

    TOTAL: £263.43 INC VAT

    Original Poster

    Not bad XtremeDJW, not bad. Second place for refurbs so far! Anything cheaper on the non-refurb front than bellarious' though?

    mwahahahahahahahaha the_andy!!!!!!!


    oh my!

    this is terrible :-(

    *back to google*


    My entry is:

    Polaroid i633 6MP 3x Optical/4x Digital Zoom Camera (Silver)…CAM

    $79.99 x 6 = $479.94
    USPS Parcel Air = $53.00

    Total = $532.94
    Conversion = £264.16

    Screenshot of conversion:…JPG

    not refurbished :-)

    Original Poster

    Verified as OK the_andy - though strictly its a total of £264.17 (rounding up the penny!!!!!!)

    Well done - you're the leader at this stage of the day.

    Who can answer him?

    credit where its due Andy *applause*

    $74.75 each

    Digital Concepts 6.1 MP Digital Camera[/SIZE][/FONT][/SIZE][/FONT][FONT=arial][SIZE=-1][FONT=verdana,arial][SIZE=-2] *6 = 448.50[/SIZE][/FONT][/SIZE][/FONT]


    xe conversion makes it
    = 231.117 GBP

    Original Poster

    Well done bellarious. You're in the lead with this one...£231.12 is the price to beat today...

    woohoo cheaper than refurb lol

    Surely though, tax HAS to be added to this US prices?

    With 6 cameras, there is a high likelyhood the custom tax will be added and therefore the general public are unlikely to get it for the listed prices?

    Original Poster


    Surely though, tax HAS to be added to this US prices?With 6 cameras, … Surely though, tax HAS to be added to this US prices?With 6 cameras, there is a high likelyhood the custom tax will be added and therefore the general public are unlikely to get it for the listed prices?

    I think for the purposes of this competition we have to assume that its a level playing field and that it won't get checked...that's the only way we can pit price against price.

    i did ask this earlier ]highguyuk

    Yeah I know you did, but it didn't look directly answered. There must be a way of working the tax out...

    Original Poster

    I think the problem with this one, highguyuk, is that its a grey area....some packages will get stopped whilst others wont.

    We have to go on the face-value conversion to GB£ to be as fair as possible, I think.

    Therefore...taking no degree of TAX into account - merely what the website in question tells us is the final price including shipping.

    iif used are allowed…DIG
    HP PhotoSmart R725 Digital Camera 6.2 MP 24x Total zoom. 3x Optical And 8x digit Manufacture PN:
    L2063A#ABA Manufacturer:
    HP Compuvest PN:
    274001068-41 Price:
    $59.99 Condition:
    Used Package:
    Plain Box 16 available
    $93.29 delivery usps

    Original Poster

    Yes, used and refurb come under the same banner (I know there are differences, but for the sake of this competition we'll allow it).

    You've added conversion - so you're top of the refurb bellarious.

    Well done...

    Original Poster

    3.5 hours to go..thereabouts
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