are you looking to build a free website?
what must is include? shop? displaying of multiple images? just to present information? give us an Idea of what its for
It all depends what you want to do, if you want a website for personal use you could do alot worse than signing up with [url][/url], its pretty much all done for you.

If you're wanting to learn how to do it all from scratch, you want to start with the basics. Learn xHTML and CSS first then move on to more complex things. You don't strictly 'need' to buy webspace at this stage since both xHTML and CSS files can be saved and viewed from locations on your own computer, but if you want other people to see your work, you'll need to buy both web space and a domain name. There were some offers on this site for free hosting a few weeks back which would probably suit you for now, then move on to a paid service when you need it.

In terms of learning xHTML / CSS theres a ton of tutorials on the internet, but I find [url][/url] is a brilliant resource, even after being a web developer for 8 years I still sometimes use it for reference.

As a side note, HTML and xHTML are basically the same thing, there are subtle differences and xHTML is the most modern version so it'd be best to learn that if you can.

software wise, people have their own preferences but you can just use Notepad, no need to splash out on Dreamweaver or anything yet - in fact I would recommend you learn to 'raw' code in notepad so you understand the code, then move on to using something like DW which will speed things up by doing things for you. Its important to understand what its doing though, which is why I say learn to 'raw' code first.

yes, a shop.mainly for selling things on

very apt description of what a shop does :lol:

ok hang on, lets see what we can find - I dealt with shop websites before, but nothing you can get for free. bare with me though.
in that case, setting up an ebay shop is probably the easiest way - I'm not sure there is a completely free way to create an online store though.
ewisoft website builder lets you have an ecommerce bit but it might not be free
[url][/url] is all you need!!!!!!!
"Oh cool, I've found what I want to buy! The price is right, but, hmm, I see it's on a website I've never heard of before. That's hosted on a free webhost. Hm. Yep, I'll give them a big wodge of my money. Oh, actually, no I won't, because that looks dodgy as hell. Oh, is that a website on paid hosting? Cool."

The thought process of a lost customer. Money spent on quality hosting is not money wasted, it is money invested and money worth spending.
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