I have ordered.

    I was hoping that NOONE would contact them.

    If you contact them, then you're just pointing out their mistake to them.

    Just leave things alone, if it arrives, it arrives.

    Don't contact them please!!!

    Didn't buy it from HMV but have had it for several months.

    It's ok but not very practical as a satnav. The GPS receiver is slow to get a lock, the volume on the PSP is low in a car and the screen although big is still difficult to see when it's sunny.

    I only paid ~ £30 for the GPS and acquired the software :whistling: so not too bothered.

    My £29.99 pre order has just been cancelled by HMV.

    Not sure I'm too bothered TBH as it sounds like its not great anyway.:whistling:

    I received this reply from HMV today :

    Dear HMV Customer

    We are writing to you in relation to your order for the following item:

    Cat.No: 711719925255 Barcode: 711719925255
    Title : GO EXPLORE

    We are very sorry, but it has come to our attention that the item appeared
    on our web site with the incorrect price of £27.99, instead of £99.99. We
    will not therefore process your order.

    The terms and conditions governing our online sales state that your order
    is only accepted, and a contract between us formed, when HMV receive
    payment for the goods you have ordered. HMV have not yet taken payment for
    the goods listed above, nor taken the final step of confirming the shipment
    of your order to you by email (please see point b. in the section entitled
    ‘The Contract Between US’ on the first page of our Terms and Conditions.
    We are therefore under no legal obligation to sell the item to you at the
    incorrect price.

    Please accept our sincere apologies for this error. We don’t like having
    to take this course of action, and apologise that we have had to do so in
    this instance.

    If you would still like to order the item at the retail price of £99.99,
    you may do so via the HMV web site.

    Kind Regards,

    HMV Online Customer Service Team

    How could they sell it at £29.99 and then put it up to £99.99?

    This was my mail that I received today from them. I had contacted them when the price mistake was made and they had stated that they would honour my purchase...:x

    Dear xxxxxxx

    We’re getting in touch to let you know that all or part of your recent order from has been cancelled, as per our previous correspondence: ( We never had any correspondence) :x

    Order no: 1688xxxx

    Qty Format Artist Title Price

    If you have any other questions, please don’t reply to this e-mail as the address doesn’t accept incoming mail. Instead, you can email us at [email protected].


    Online Customer Service Team

    mine has been cancelled as well.

    If sony think people are going to pay £100 for a GPS addon for the PSP when you can buy a stand alone Garmin / TomTom cheaper then they are completely stupid!!

    This was an obviously miss price
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