I didnt sleep atall last night and am shattered today. My girls dont usually let me get more than 4 hours sleep a night anyway and it gets really depressing being tired all the time

    My hubby is suffering with hayfever and a chest infection so he's coughing, sniffing, sneeezing at the moment and then when he is sleeping he's snoring!!!! :roll:

    So we both feel shattered!!

    It has been proven that lack of sleep and also lack of night time sleep is bad over a long period of time. This time of year we all seem to sleep less and wake easily, must be the light mornings or something.
    My milkman had the radio on at 4.20 this morning!!!!

    lack of sleep causes stress, lack of concentration, and depression. I guess this is why vampires don't exist anymore. Go get some sleep OP. you need it.

    Police response officers regularly go 24 hours without sleep due to the shift pattern. Mornings one week, afternoons the next, nights the one after.
    If on a normal day you get up at 7.45 am geting the kids ready for school, awake all day. Start work at 9pm until 7am then drive home, get the kids ready for school and go to bed. 4 hours later up again and do this 3 more times until you have 2 days off
    Killer, nightmare, hate it.

    Yes it can Jerry123 .... go on get to bed :roll:


    ve been awake for 24+hours and i feel so flat and depressed.:( anyone … ve been awake for 24+hours and i feel so flat and depressed.:( anyone else in the same position?

    and is there any reason you are in this position yourself?

    Ive managed 6 solid days and nights before with no sleep, but that was in the bad old days and with chemical assistance! Your mind gets distorted and you start seeing and imagining all sorts of weird stuff. Lack of sleep definitely affects one's mind and perception of reality, as well as ones moods.

    Yep - try apnoea. Feel like cack 24/7.:-(

    I have it mild - only wake up 30 times per hour through the night!

    Worst is the morning headaches!

    p.s - get off here and go to bed!



    Earliest time ive gone to sleep within the past year has been about 3-4 … Earliest time ive gone to sleep within the past year has been about 3-4 in the morning...This has been my routine for the past year...hard to break out of ... :-/

    that was me till i gave up caffeine, now i struggle to stay awake


    Maybe due to the fact im jobless :? :oops:

    I'm jobless too but that doesnt mean I dont sleep, some times I will be awake til 4/5 in the morning but not that often and its my bodys way of saying I dont need more sleep I can still wake at 8 without feeling tired, maybe a couple of times a week.

    Without doubt yes, while some people boast about how many nights they've stayed up these days I value the sleep I can get. I work shifts so my sleep pattern is all over the place, I had a week of nightshifts where I couldn't get any proper sleep due to building work that was going on and I just felt awful at work. On the last day of shift I'd had a proper few hours of sleep and felt fantastic going into work, my workmates commented on how much better I was looking compared to previous nights. At Uni used to spend very long stints at a computer overnight as I just didn't have time during the day with lectures and other project work, I don't miss those days at all.

    I don't know how parents handle having young kids, kudos to them!


    I couldn't get to sleep until after 3 last night!, normally it only takes me one! :-)

    Not much on experience here but the least sleep i had was 2 hours... on the day of my driving test. Just... can't... sleep. My eyes were bloodshot red, my eyes can't concentrate and your sense of balance takes a slight beating. My driving instructor asked me if I was fit to drive due to this:D. When the examiner asked me to read the number plate, I nearly got it wrong too even though I have perfect vision. Your short term memory is also affected. I forgot what was the speed limit when I drove with the examiner out of the centre - got a minor for that. I'm actually surprised that I actually passed that day by driving extra slow. I guess the lack of sleep forces me not to think too much and just drive.

    Im a psycho without my 10 hours of sleep!


    Im a psycho without my 10 hours of sleep!

    my darlin your a psycho full stop!


    my darlin your a psycho full stop!

    Oh my im upset at that!

    i didnt sleep for 48 hours once that was crazzzzzzzzy now i probably get 4 hours sleep a day probably less


    Oh my im upset at that!

    :friends: you know i luv ya really x


    :friends: you know i luv ya really x

    Am off to bed now!! Dont wanna be like a nutter in the morning coz of no sleep! x
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