HUKD acting strangely today? Is it just me or has someone hacked my pc..or maybe has control over my HUKD account?

    Weird things happening to me on HUKD tonight, keeps logging me out when I go to a couple of particular threads and text only / full view is turned on / off when I move between forums. I've noticed a pattern connected with threads started by/containing posts by a particular person, and it's only happened when we are communicating. There is slightly more to it than that, but does this sound odd to you or something I should be worried about? If it's not a hacker, could it be someone who has the 'power' to do these things on HUKD? Getting me back for something....? Hmmm.... Or am I just being paranoid..?


    done it to me many times today mate, i deleted cookies, haven't had a problem since

    hope it helps.

    Its been happening all day matey



    Was happening to me about half hour ago, seems ok now. very strange happenings on here today

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    Great, thanks all - esp. t0mm for cookies advice. I was getting quite paranoid, esp when I thought I'd found a pattern!

    am glad u have mentioned it.... keeps chucking me out and i have to log back in again........thought it was me. seems really slow too today.

    I've got the same.... its doing my swede in man !
    Tried deleting cookies and clicking the "remember me" button to no avail.

    Anyone know how this can be sorted ?:?
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