HUKD amazon voucher?

I won an amazon voucher on this site, back in May, by finding the 3 matches!

does anyone know if these have gone out of date yet?
also, i have no idea how to find mine.. i definately got one, and didnt use it.. but its not in my inbox.. or emails...



They dont expire until 2010 and should be showing up to the top where it says voucher to the left of the search bar

click on the white underlined voucher next to the control panel in the top middle of the hotukdeal page and if you ave one you will find i tthere

expire 30/04/10

look for the word "voucher" beside control panel and inbox

yeah i used mine last week and it worked fine

Original Poster

thanks guys!

how did i miss that..


thanks guys!how did i miss that..

Well, it's hidden behind the HUKD logo on smaller screens
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