HUKD Bingo night - Friday 21st of April 2006, 8pm.…jpg
    If you want to play HUKDBingo , PM me with your e-mail address - please only do so if you are really willing to play, as it takes quite a bit of organising!

    The game will start on Friday(21st of April) at 8pm . I will start a new thread and post randomly generated numbers from 1 to 60, at the rate of about 1 per minute. Check these numbers against the electronic card which I will send to you by e-mail. (It will be in Microsoft Excel format, so you need access to this program to play the game). The spreadsheet will be locked to editing, so it might be handiest if you print out a hard copy to check off as you go along.

    Once you have checked off all the numbers on the card, the first person to PM me with the word BINGO in the title will be the winner (upon verification of the card from this end).

    HUKD Admin has offered a prize of a Chocolate Fountain - if you're not in, you can't win...! It's probably something like this one: (Image courtesy of…jpg


    ok will the game be played in this thread?


    it's happening in the Hot Deals forum EURORIER! If you haven't already registered with emma though it is too late for this week.
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