HUKD Christmas Carol no. 2

    Feel free to add more verses (to the tune of Silent Night) :o)

    Buy some sh*te,
    don't need sh*te.
    Oh, go on,
    price is right.
    Phones on Virgin,
    Pay as you go.
    Might come in handy,
    you never know.
    Although I'm already on 3,
    the first million minutes are free.

    Buy some sh*te,
    holy sh*te!
    Buy 50 get 1 free,
    that can't be right?
    Burn all your memories
    onto CD?
    Go get a life,
    that sounds better to me.
    Spend time with your family,
    round your 300" LCD.

    Buy some sh*te,
    useless sh*te.
    Ebay to Amazon,
    spenders delight!
    Put it on plastic,
    we borrow they lend.
    A bargain's a bargain,
    so spend people spend!
    The credit crunch won't affect me,
    my first million minutes are free.


    yet again inspired:santa::w00t:

    Original Poster

    Bumpy bump! All that effort, wasted! LOL
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