HUKD Christmas Competition - The Great Flamedeer Hunt

Found 4th Dec 2013
The flamedeer have migrated back to the land of HUKD. As always, these coveted creatures come with a bounty of prizes and instant win vouchers for members to win.

Flamedeers roam throughout the HUKD site feeding on flaming bargains. As you browse the land of HUKD, clicking the titles to open threads, flamedeer will randomly pop up on your screen and will automatically be added to your collection.
They have also been known to graze in the supple pastures of our social media sites so make sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ to maximise your opportunity to win.

Most deer are only valuable in packs of 3. The white flamedeer is quite common, so expect to encounter many. The silver deer are more rare while the the golden flamedeer is your ticket to win.

To complete your set you can also trade flamedeers with other members that have opted into trading.

*New This Year*
Some deers are lone animals carrying a small bounty with them.
When you catch one of these deer you will instantly win a gift voucher.

Full list of prizes, FAQs and T&Cs in the first comment.
Community Updates





Please don't sign up multiple accounts to play, anyone caught cheating or flamebaiting will lose their collection. Use of scripts or other automated methods will result in disqualification.
Prize winners will be contacted within 7 days of the close of contest via private message/registered email address and prizes will be sent out within 60 days of your response. Amazon gift voucher codes will be sent out within 24 hours.
The competition opens on 16:00 GMT, December 4rd, 2013 and closes on 15:59 GMT, December 18th, 2013.
You must be a HUKD member in order to collect Flamedeer and win a prize. HUKD registration is free and no purchase is necessary.
The prizes are: 250x £10 Amazon gift voucher, 100x £10 Argos gift cards, 10x Kindle Paperwhite, 3x Xbox One, 3x PS4, 3x Wii U, 3x Samsung Galaxy S4, 3x Nexus 5, 3x iPad Mini Retina, 3x iPad Air, 3x iPhone 5s. Prizes may be substituted for a prize of equal value; no cash substitution is possible.
Winners will be announced on hotukdeals.com after the close of competition.
Participants must be UK residents.
Prizes may not be exactly as pictured.
Rules subject to change without notice.
In terms of claiming the prizes, we will be in touch! Make sure to check your private messages and to have access to the email address registered on the site.


How will I know if i've successfully hunted one down?
You'll get a pop up to tell you. Also, we've added a notification bar which will appear in case you accidentally click off the page. In addition, you can see these in your flamedeer collection

Does this work on the old skin?

Would a flamedeer appear for voting on a deal?

Does this work on the app?
No. Full site and mobile only

How can I get a flamedeer?
Just use the site as you usually would
Edited by: "magicjay1986" 5th Dec 2013
Thanks MJ
Hah, just caught one right out of the gate! "Level 1"... I guess I should get used to seeing that (_;)
gj guys! no pop ups when i had my deer though
"The silver deer" - is this a non-flamedeer breed?
Ooo looking foward to this
I got a red nosed & a silver one already
does this work on mobiles or is it desktop only?
can this be on the app???
Made myself comfortable for the night. Time to deer hunt...

does this work on mobiles or is it desktop only?

Mobile & desktop site... not the app.
Spelling mistake under the 'TRADING FLAMEDEER' headline. I won't tell you where though you have to 'hunt' it
Just got my first 'Silver Night Flamedeer'.
Hope I'll have more luck this year
Hope I wish something this year
not playing

not playing


oh wait


I'm in


so glad I went in now!


Edited by: "hotmik" 12th Dec 2013

some1 nicked me hunting spot
Just got a white one or something. Oh how I missed this!
Well done HUKD, deleting more comments, way to go!
Love this time of year!
MJ is the comp compatible with the old skin?
Can we trade them like last time

Well done HUKD, deleting more comments, way to go!

just noticed that - seems we're not allowed to speculate that last year's competition was hacked either ..
In b4 someone uses a scipt to cheat again.

Can we trade them like last time

Yep, hotukdeals.com/fla…eer - option there to enable trading.

MJ is the comp compatible with the old skin?

Yes. Well I`ve gotten one at least using the old skin.
Aaah just got my first. I cant see me winning anything. Ill play Flamedeer bingo instead.
Got my first one:)
Has the other thread been closed?
Yeah got my first one too, silver ps4 one :-) let the addiction commence

H x
My Flamedeer thread has been spammed
It was nice knowing you all, but I cant face another few weeks of idiotic questions and swap requests! oO

Don't think I'll win anything (again) but have already found a Level 1 Evergreen...

My Flamedeer thread has been spammed

think its back

My Flamedeer thread has been spammed

if any should go its this one! not your fault you got out of bed at a reasonable hour...
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