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Posted 27th JulEdited by:"HappyShopper"
Is this a new 'role' within the HUKD universe?

Have noticed a few posters with this title.

Also, how does someone who has been a member of the site for 18 months and never posted a deal end up in this role?

At least with the Pepper Experts there was some logic to their appointments.

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Hi Not a new role, nope!

Quite some time ago we decided to review the roles and responsibilities of the teams here in line with building and releasing our Meet The Team page.

We felt that due to ever changing responsibilities of the forum team, the term "moderator" was quite outdated for what the team actually does. So the decision was made for this team to be known as the Community Support team.

In terms of length of service, the Community Support team in total have I think about 70 years of combined experience between us.
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