HUKD Is a dying forum

Found 10th Dec 2017
Does anyone feel like this website is going downhill? Tons of expired listings(Even when notifying it is expired nothing is done, MODS do not do their job properly IMO and the community is getting more toxic by the day.

I asked for a discount code for something I won't mention before my post is censored again like the Chinese Internet and I was told that members cannot trade referral codes? What is the actual point of this website!

Will be interested to see if this makes it through moderation.
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Hi, Your post was removed as we don't allow members to post / share referrals. This has always been a rule on HUKD which can been found in our code of conduct section :-

"As a general guide, we don’t permit the following; please respect our position in regards to this list-
Content is prohibited if it
  • Is illegal or encourages illegal behaviour
  • Is pornographic
  • Is intentionally disturbing
  • Contains malicious communications, swearing or soap-boxing
  • Is disrespectful to other people or groups of people, their views or beliefs
  • Impersonates someone or is personal or confidential information
  • Intentionally targets, harasses or bullies an individual or group of people, their views or beliefs
  • Is hate-speech or encourages hate-speech
  • Is spam or self promotion, or otherwise incentivised"…uct

If you notice any expired deals drop the team an e-mail and we will look into it and expire if necessary, Threads also auto expire after two months.

If you have any other questions you can contact our admin team here
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