HUKD keeps logging me out! :(

    is this happening to anyone else or just me?


    try clicking remember me (sorry ticking)
    earlier i couldn't stay logged out lol

    Not instantly, It does log me out after about 10 minute's if I've been inactive.

    if running ccleaner make sure to keep hukd cookie

    does it to me sometimes, I dont like ticking "remember me" so when it does happen I close all the windows and start again

    Original Poster

    it never usually does it but it's done it about 3 times tonight
    i don't think HUKD likes me today :cry:

    i always have the little box ticked

    I never get logged out - I keep telling myself it is my special status:)

    OP are you using Safari?

    Original Poster


    OP are you using Safari?

    safari? nope i don't think so :thinking:
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