HUKD Lottery Syndicate - Would anyone be interested?

Found 20th May 2009
Just a thought, would anyone be interested in joining a HUKD syndicate. Before anyone starts complaining about it sounding dodgy, you have my word and there are different syndicate forms to sign. It is just a thought, would anyone be interested?

Could maybe have a paypal gift as a months share and then any winnings can be resent as a paypal gift or cheque?
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Nope, it wouldn't work
Not sure if it would be allowed through the forum itself.

Though I don't think this would be a wise idea with some members.
I'd love to do it, but sadly, I agree with choc and adam.
Original Poster
Yeah thats the thing, I mean looking at it now you need the right people
Agree would not work
close friends have disputed lottery wins and big bingo shares so this deffo wouldn't work
Original Poster
Well I mean it would be quite simple, a paypal gift for a months tickets isnt it, any wins can be sent by paypal gifts or cheque
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