hukd love story

    guess who???


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    emasu and black gerbil?



    emasu and black gerbil?

    Thats what I thought!

    are they not two boys ?
    i apologise if they not two boys lol

    Well ones Sassie, is the other Black Gerbil?


    Well ones Sassie, is the other Black Gerbil?

    Looks more like Groucho Marx!

    is it DLM (DKL DKM or something like that) and the other person who i cant remember but you know who i mean - lol

    ODB? maybe snotty?

    Your talents for shorts stories is emense Jasonrat

    emasu has the exact same birth date as me. fascinating.

    the girl that god banned again after only being allowed back the day before i believe - hold on ill try and find the thread she did - it had something about wife or girlfriend and pictures of dita von teese or whatever her name is too - lol

    thats them - thank you x
    did i guess correctly then ?

    Sassie and the Saint?
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