HUKD Members Anagrams 4

These are slightly harder because some are quite unknown but have all posted on Misc.

1. niehrefav - BellaBonkers - Answer: FireHaven
2. emknrfatok
3. btnoay
4. lahss - Diva1977 - Answer: Slash
5. okry3r8 - karaokeColin - Answer: roryk83
6. w9c9or - BarneyDog - Answer: crow99
7. sesbt - Diva1977- Answer: TessB
8. nyl23moe - OnlyMe23 - Answer: OnlyMe23
9. kohdcnruo
10. wrtkioain - Diva1977 - Answer: Kiwinator
11. si2m0v2e
12. eysakjpcocik - Diva1977 - Answer: Spikeyjacko
13. panastceay
14. eptopypu
15. boernysakimn
16. abdin
17. egislpim
18. sejeblnubynb - kelly n Steve - Answer: Jennybubbles
19. eeb1ohnn2r - KaraokeColin - Answer: BenHorne12
20. gerygr - Kelly n Steve - Answer: GerryG

Sorry if I made some mistakes with the lettering or if there is any repeats from other anagram threads .... I'm only human!

Give me some feedback on how hard it was!


weee i can guess number 8 hehe

Still haven't featured me, huh?

20. gerryg??

Original Poster


Still haven't featured me, huh?

Stop complaining! I didn't think of you this time :x

1) Firehaven

6. crow99


6. crow99

Good to see my name is easy to spot

18. jennybubbles


21. teenyweenypeeny


7. tessb

10. kiwinator

12. spikeyjacko


:cry::cry:not there - again:cry:


Stop complaining! I didn't think of you this time :x

Calm down, I was only joking!

Original Poster


Calm down, I was only joking!

Sorry I forgot a smiley at the end! I was joking too :oops:


i'm never there either waghhhh:cry:

Kill cliff nor girl.

Original Poster

given up?

Original Poster

Answers given tomorrow

Original Poster

forgotton what te answers were :oops: :giggle:

wow im famous!!!
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