HUKD members help again....please

Never been let down here before.

I have a Compaq nx7000 laptop , well I had one that worked until recently , the light comes on the , blue modem light stays on , though I have no screen.

Any solutions or advice ??

Thanks in advance


You can test wether its working by testing it on a monitor.

There maybe a button you need to press to stick in monitor mode. It should be shown on the keyboard somewhere. Or if you have a manual look there.

Other then that on the information given I can't really think. Could be a memory problem.

if the monitor does not work (i.e. blank screen no output signal at all). Then you may want to check you havent overloaded you Motherboard. Take the battery out Press and hold the power button down for 30 seconds the press it on and off 10-20 times to disipated the remianging charge on the board then put the battery back in and try again:thumbsup:

when you shut the lid is there a little hook thing that shuts the screen off with pressure?... well if so prod the pressure pad with a pen or something after you turn it on see what happens... as it might just be stuck (i.e. thinks the lid is shut).

any luck is or this another help me thread with no updates or responses

Original Poster

Thanks for the advice.

Unfortunately none of it worked for me , though I really appreciate the three who offered some.

I think it may be a memory problem. Maybe time for a new laptop !!

Wife will kill me !!!
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