Found 23rd Aug 2017
Hi, the new layout has put me off visiting this site, I used to check the hottest deals of the day list that used to be on the right had side on a daily basis but now it goes across the top and I find that I don't visit the site just for that reason.

is there a way to change how it's viewed?

i used mobile safari on my iPhone, I tried to toggle desktop mode to see if the full site is different but it doesn't seem to want to change.

any suggestions? Thanks in ad

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Can't help sorry but I agree with you and I'm not keen on it., maybe it will take a while to get used to it. If it ain't

It's skants

It's horrible, and threads like this get deleted.

Original Poster

Good to see I'm not the only one

If you just check the "hottest " deals you miss lots of deals . The so called "hottest deals" are just those that have been sheep voted by the mindless HUKD "follow my leader" community ,

Check out deals that have constructive comments ( not: heat added ,good spot OP etc and other mindless comments ) and you will find the best deals .

How on earth do u scroll to the freebies competitions etc in the app. Cant find this anyehere lol

Why, when I select 'Mobiles' in the top is the topheat list to the right hand side showing me things not 'Mobiles'?

Agreed terrible update .

Looks like any homgenous deals website now.

You'll get used to it - things are shuffled around but still there.
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