hukd - PC Gamers - Clans/Servers and Online Game Thread

For those hduk members that play online games looking to start a thread of specific online games that everonye can play or join who owns the game.

eg world of warcraft - stormreaver - then your name tag ect

or call of duty 4 - the server you play on or a server we can all join

team speak server for hduk members

day of defeat source ect

list the games and if other members have them create a clan or server if you know where am comming from


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Reserved For Some Game Details Once They Start Comming On Here

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what's a HDUK?

the website hot uk deals
where the members will post what games they have that are online based so try and set up some clans as am getting board of online gaming with out some goood people to play games online who know how to play em

Should be HUKD I think.

Edit: I see you fixed it, lol

I play Battlefield 2 ingame name is Khanal786

also Play Unreal Tournament 3 in game name is Khany786

Also have bf2142 but havent even installed that yet lol

Also have COD4 coming soon....seller is taking the pee pee in sending it out though

also I dabbled with Guild wars but I cant remember my in game name I think it was Godlike or something like that lol i'll rummage though the case and find out later

Will be playing Red Alert 3 in a few weeks when it comes out, will set up something nearer the time to see if anyone is interested in playing with each other.

Guild Wars, I have all the games - Satomi Doki

I have COD4 PC not too long ago. Only play at free times though (that could be at Sundays or weekday nights - thats 11-12). I think Im still bad considering my kill-death ratio roughly around 2:3. At weekday nights, all the pros come out
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