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    I have been using this site for a while now just starting to post deals and not just look at the ones posted however. i am wondering i know how to add heat and rep but what does rep do or change? and how do you change from pilot light to flame thrower etc? what are the stages inbetween? Also waht does the spam and expire buttons do i can understand you click expire if a deal is no longer on but how many need to click on it to expire it and what is spam for is it for duplicate posts?

    Sorry for so many questions cant find this information on the site sorry if i have missed it.



    To the left of the main Deal temperature are the 3 buttons for voting : red = hot, blue = cold, grey dash = warm

    You start at 0.6° voting power, & build up to a maximum of 9 ° .

    Reputation is an additional way of thanking someone if they've helped you or you've benefited from their deal etc. It's the silver scales beside their avatar The more rep you have the more dots you have under your user name.

    As you make a certain number of posts your description changes from pilot light etc.


    Expire button is for when a deal is no longer available. One member can expire a deal, but it can take 2 or more for a newbie.

    Spam button takes at least 2 members to activate & will remove the post from view - the MODs can still see it. Use it when you see a duplicate post, or if it's a fake website etc. It won't delete the post & can be reinstated by a MOD.

    The report button is for sending a message to the MODs This is for any information you need to pass on - not just a complaint or problem with a specific thread. It can be an amendment, reporting a duplicate or an offensive post, off topic posts etc. It just sends a private message to the MODs that we can read & act upon. If you post a deal & it's expired you won't be able to edit it.

    When it comes to voting temperature, & the ability to spam & expire - that builds up as you post deals etc over time & is calculated based on a number of factors.

    Trying to cover the main things briefly. If you click on the HUKD Help Threads link in my signature, it provide lots of helpful information & if you need to know anything specific just post an enquiry here :thumbsup:

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    rep for you sigma
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