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    anyone know( or guess) why these nearly 9000 people browsing the website without registration.

    i am not against it but it would benefit them greatly if they register and make website become stronger, more popular with more deals, feedbacks and opinions.

    Register ppl its free as well. and addictive ( you will forget Facebook)



    i think most people, if like me dont register until they have some valid input into the site.

    I first registered when i found my first deal that was not already posted.



    Maybe they are registered just not logged in? I often come in here in my work time and am not logged in? Who knows? maybe Santa has 8000 elves looking for bargains for the kids?

    but why would they need to register? they can still view the deals..still click the links...and can still earn the money for sooooooooooo

    Obviously I am registered, but when I come to post, I sometimes find that I've been logged out and haven't noticed!

    Original Poster

    ahhhh i get it valid points, but do we really advertise for anyone to register?

    well i have said before that it would be cool if members got to see deals before none members like 30 mins or an hour before.
    or some other kind of incentive
    But at the end of the day..this site makes money either way
    Happy days

    Because you don't need to register to read the deals/vouchers.

    I'm glad someone finally brought up this point.


    I'm glad someone finally brought up this point.

    do i sense sarcasm there?
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