HUKD usernames....

    There are some really interesting usernames on here and I just wondered how people thought of, emasu, raptorcigs???

    Mine is so boring in nickname plus the age I was when i first came across this site!




    my cat is called Bella, it was also my grandmas name (Isabella, she liked cats) my cat is also completely bonkers so thats her nickname...put the two together

    Mine doesnt really need any explaining, tho usually around 10pm I turn into "Tiredmom!"



    star trek fan 'nuff said

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    vicknanth;2171828 done lol

    Sorry...i should have checked but thank you anyway...glad I'm not alone in wondering about usernames

    i used to have a phone which was a sharp gx15, sad i know.

    fella is ed,im janet
    when i joined ebay i put in ednjanet as a user name but it threw this name at me instead so i have used it on here too


    i like doughnuts


    i used to have a phone which was a sharp gx15, sad i know.

    That's pretty damn bad :-D
    Why I didn't use my 10 year nickname (Kaiser) I have no idea.
    Perhaps it was already taken when I joined HUKD all that time ago.

    p.s. I had the GX30, pretty good phone.

    hi, i'm tom.

    mine is my work logon


    What are you looking for?

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    black gerbil1;2171821


    OMG.....I've been rick rolled!! Except this link doesn't get me anywhere so i went to the one in the previous posting!! ( not com)

    The previous thread on usernames is loooooonnnnngggg!


    hi, i'm tom.

    hahah quite obvious that one isnt it

    my name is vicky n ma oh is called anth thought i would make us a joint account he dont get a look in now tho i didnt realise how addictive ths site really is lol

    my dad called me ding as a kid he doesnt know why


    my user name is monkeybrains

    I like bargains... reduced items in Morrisons have a .... Yellowsticker

    highguyuk - I'm tall (6"7), I'm a guy, and I'm from the UK. My avatar is supposed to match this

    It's been my username for years, all kinds of different sites I'm highguyuk...




    Anarak!!! :-D


    I is the boss!!!!

    My usename came from an old throwaway email address I used to have.

    [email protected]

    Quite amaising the number times I was told that goverment officials shouldnt be posting on usenet!!

    When I was pregnant my little boy was known as wookie, my OH is a big star wars fan, so I am the wookie mummy

    KYA 110N
    Old car registration of mine. Used this name everywhere on the internet.


    Anarak!!! :-D

    ssshhhhh :whistling:

    Little tiger was a nickname a friend gave me about 10 years ago, hardly anyone uses it anymore, but I still like it!

    bmouthboyo is from firstly place i live, Bournemouth, and secondly for some reason me and my mates went though a phase of saying boyo in a rubbish welsh accent.

    Ace = nickname
    Hayward = is my last name

    Karaoke - Ive got my own karaoke/disco business,
    Colin- That's me name methinks!

    Mine obvious,but yeh will have to get a change if HUKD will let me should I have anymore cos it wouldn't be fair for the other not to get mentioned,so will choose something else I like.

    allstar = my football team
    2 = my team number

    I have spent a fair slice of my life in Spain - mainly on (seven) islands and the small Catalan triangle between Andorra, Barcelona and southern France.

    Picked Ibiza as I liked it (excluding San A)

    jules - is what everybody calls me !
    69 - is just a number as jules was already taken.


    69 - is just a number as jules was already taken.

    Mmmm...just a number is it? You naughty naughty lady

    Well I think mine's a bit obvious. My name is Zoe & my surname begins with the letter B

    Made an absolute killing using vouchers/coupons in Asda so Ta Asda.:)

    [QUOTE=Zoe_B;2191144]Mmmm...just a number is it? You naughty naughty lady

    what makes you assume i am a lady?


    [QUOTE=Zoe_B;2191144]Mmmm...just a number is it? You naughty naughty lady … [QUOTE=Zoe_B;2191144]Mmmm...just a number is it? You naughty naughty lady :pwhat makes you assume i am a lady?

    I saw jules and thought Julian, espec with the Liverpool crest avatar
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