HUKD World Cup Prediction League

    Wonderin if anyones gonna be up for a World Cup Prediction League, solely for fun obviously. (And yes, i did take the idea from a different site)

    Rules are:-

    ALL predictions to be in 4 hours before kick off.

    3 points for a win. 5 points for correct result

    Lemme know what yas all think and what needs re-addressing and we'll try n get it up n runnin .


    sounds fun how you going to set it up?

    Original Poster


    sounds fun how you going to set it up?

    I'll post the first set of fixtures for each group, after them games we'll manage the League (standings etc) same again for the second and third group of fixtures.

    I'm tryin to figure out how to go about doin a goal difference for it too.

    Nothin too fancy, like i said, its just for ***** n giggles :thumbsup:

    why not .....

    Sounds good to me.....

    I'm in!!!!!!!!

    I'm in

    I'm in

    With the scoring method you suggest the scores will be very similar for each person who probably will all correctly predict who wins but may not get the score.

    Another way is to set up the game where you gain points for an incorrect result and so the person with the lowest score is top of the league

    Correct score minus 5 points
    Correct result minus 2 points
    Each goal different from actual result you get plus 1 point
    So if you predict Germany to win 2-0 and they win 4-0 you get 0 points, if they win 3-0 you get -1 points

    Also may be better to predict the scores by round rather than each game, so you predict all the matchday 1 games first, then 2nd games etc etc, just may be easier to manage.

    Just suggestions

    And I would be in too!!
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