hukd wtf have you done and whos responsible?

Found 13th Dec 2007
ok been messing with the new layout all day

what a bloody mess
whos changed it why was it changed ?
is bandwith an issue?
why is the new site such a mess?
is it going to be improved?
why is the new site crashing even on ie?
why is the new site not compatible with firefox?
its a minefield to navigate anywhere why is that?
polls asking for the old style to be back, whos reading them?
polls moaning about the new site and bring back the old layout , whos reading them
whos decision was it to wreck the site ?
taken me 10 minutes to actually find where to post this
i think the new site is like the bermuda triangle so i may not be able to read this post ever again
i have seen a few posts about the new site and moaning but whoever is in charge needs to see that have really wrecked it
oh bugg""" i dont even think i can post this

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  1. Misc

Awful layout change it back please - its pants

I thought I'd come to another site!
I guess it will just take time getting use to!

layout bad,not as easy 2 use as b4:?

I thought i was at the wrong site WTF is goin on???

Plenty of other threads. Please use those.

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