HUKD’ers who went to Clash at the Castle, did you have a good time?

Posted 5th Sep 2022
Personally I haven’t stopped singing “Metalingus” and “Broken Dreams” since Saturday.
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    Watched it on TV but it but it looked like a great night for all that went. Sheamus v Gunther was really good, although the main event ending was pants.
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    I was there and absolutely loved it. Edges entrance was phenomenal and so was the ending to drew McIntyre and Roman reigns apart from drew not winning obviously. The only downside was we were sat in front of 2 people that stunk of wet dogs and mould on the coach.
    Eurgh! That couldn’t have been pleasant!!

    I was a bit more lucky as although the train back to the apartment I was staying at was choc-a-block, I can’t really say it was smelly.. Busy and warm, but not smelly.

    Was great fun dragging one of the chairs from the show back with me though! And then on a nearly 7 hour train journey back to Glasgow! But my ticket included the seat so I was damn sure getting my money’s worth!!
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    The main event was pretty good - can't believe they went with Roman...again. I did like Fury punching out Austin Theory - but I hated Fury and McIntyre singing 'American Pie' - that was painful to watch.

    Gunter vs Sheamus was the real main event.
    Now Roman is past the 2 year mark with the belts, you'd think they'd take them off him, even if only for a short time. Drew should have won, no wiseman and no Usos, Roman would have had an out.

    Completely agree the singing was cringe-worthy.
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    I watched it on BT sport and so glad I did what a absolute pile of
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    Thought the Clash had reformed when I seen this
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