hukdpress: A customisable hotukdeals wordpress plugin

    Hey guys!

    As part of the latest API contest for hotukdeals, I wrote a wordpress plugin called hukdpress (which won Best Wordpress App and Best Overall app) and figured i should probably tell you guys about it, now i got the all clear from juliet_bravo that this is allowed!

    It allows you to add the latest/newest/whichever you want deals from hotukdeals directly into blog posts you write, so its ideal if you have a blog where you review products, or talk about anything which is likely to have a deal.

    It's completely open source, and available for free directly inside your wordpress blog, as its all part of the wordpress plugin directory.

    You can find more information at:…ess or by searching for "hukdpress" in add new plugin inside your wordpress blog control panel - alternatively, if you dont like either of them, you can check it out on at…ss/

    If you have any ideas for feature requests, or bugs - let me know here and ill get them fixed!


    I have absolutely no idea what this does or is capable of but I am guessing that it is another tool to get HUKD more advertising space across the www. I just wish they would listen to the members on here and try and spend some time improving the site as well as promoting it.

    Bet you're chuffed with the couple of prizes you won

    I use wordpress for my wife's website, but it's used for her driving school, so I doubt I'd use this as it would detract from the content on her site. Good idea though, gotta love wordpress.
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