Humax 9150T Update

    Just a quick 'heads up' that the Humax 9150T over the air update to combat the fan noise is taking place this week. I've just got home and manually updated and now it's completely silent.

    If you were woried about getting one of these due to the noise then have no fear, it is now the perfect box, well apart from HDMI and optical out..... but for the price :thumbs:

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    I was wondering if you could help. My Humax PVR has been fantastic, but recently I have been having problems with it's recordings. It keeps neglecting to record timed programmes (and does not display an error message - either just keeps them at the top of the schedule even though the date has passed, or just wipes them altogether), records only part of a programme - sometimes skipping bits in the middle, or only recording the last ten minutes of a 2 hour film, or records the wrong programme completely.

    The time is set properly, there do not appear to be any problems with reception when I am watching from the PVR, and this has only started happening recently. Can you suggest anything?
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