Humax free sat self install

Found 4th Apr
Got a humax to get rid of virgin as it's to expensive but I'm getting a cheap bb deal

Is out easy to buy and install a dish yourself with not much diy experience

Had a quote for £70 full install
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I've done a few without any meters. You can get a general idea of where you should be looking by at a neighbour dish.

If you have a sky dish you could just use that
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Easier than you think usually. You just need dish, and the LNB. Then the coax cable screws from the LNB to the back of the sat box. Then just go to settings and adjust about until signal is strong enough. Best to get a quad LNB for if you want to add a second receiver upstairs or anything.
You will need DIY skills, a Sat Meter (cheap) and a Compass, and knowledge of Cable / Connector Termination, water proffing etc, TBH, buy the time youve bought the bits, if its a one off, just pay the 70 quid and get it done professionally.
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