Humax PVR 9200 remote gone wonky

    While I quite like the PVR, the remote has been a bit suspect. Tonight it's at last become almost unusable: I have to press repeatedly on any button to get the remote to work; and while trying to select a recorded programme to watch the 'cursor' starts scrolling thru' all my recordings, and won't stop. Has anyone else had similar problems with their remote? Do I need to replace the remote? (I've replaced the batteries, with no improvement.)
    Thanks for any help/constructive advice.
    Cheers, Ross-shire Buff


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    silly question, but have you checked the batteries?

    Has it had any liquid spilled on it?

    Another possibility is that a button is jammed on and causing conflict, to check if this is the case look at the emitter in the end through either the camera on a phone or a digital camera as this shows the IR that the naked eye cant see!

    If all else fails (unless in warranty in which case a quick call to humax - 028 918 24983 or 0870 2478800 and tell them the problem may suffice) disassemble and wipe the pcb and pads with an alcohol wipe, leave a few minutes to allow the alcohol to evaporate, re-assemble and try again.

    fwiw, I have the same model PVR and bought it discounted from Comet as the remote was missing, I sent Humax an email asking where I could buy a replacement and they said I could have one for free, just had to email them a copy of the sales receipt. so I'd highly suggest dropping them an email explaining the problem (provided you've tried changing the batteries as suggested above) as their CS was excellent with me. Email I used by the way was [email protected]

    :thumbsup:, an excellent company.
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