Humax PVR 9200T or 9150T?

Found 29th Aug 2008
Hi, I am looking for a Humax PVR 9200T freeview box but I have seen people here talking about a humax pvr 9150T but saying it is a cheaper stripped down 9200T. But I cannot find what the difference is between the two coul anyone please explain I saw it at the bottom of this page:…e=3

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I think 9200T is an older model, hence why it was on sale at argos recently. The two new versions are 9150T and 9300T these are very similar except that the 9300T has a bigger hard drive with 320GB compared to 160Gb and the 9300 also has HDMI output.
Link to humax webapge below

Comparing the 9200T to the 9150T, I think the only real differences (apart from the 9200T being an older model) are style and dimesions,
9200T 380x70x281
9150T 360x50x245
The 9200T does have a usb connection which enables you to transfer mp3 audio files and pictures to the hard drive, which the newest models don't
Oh thanks very much I would like a usb port but does it still have a usb cable port thingy so you can transfer to and from a pc?
The 9300T version does have a usb port but it doesn't do anything, and as yet there are no plans for them to change this in any future software updates.

The 9150T does not have a usb

If your considering getting the old 9200T, even though it did allow tranfserfing of pic and mp3 i found viewing pictures on it very poor as it took an age for each image to appear. I never spent any time trying to solve this by reducing the image or saving as a different format, but if this is key function for you i'd recommend researching a bit more tto ensure that this can/will work fine. Playing and transfering mp3s seemed to work fine.

None of the models allows transfering of video files
I read that you can use a usb cable to transfer the recordings straight from the humax to a pc and then burn them to a DVD. This is not using a usb port on the humax, it is a cable connecterd to both, is this still a feature? I would not like to bother viewing photos, or mp3s really. But why would they have a non functional usb port anyway?
The RS 232C connection is only used to update the software
See product manual pdf ]http//ww…pdf this a large file 8mb
They removed the functionality of the usb because customers said they did not rate it of great importance, see forum ]http//ww…e=4

As with the old 9200 i think your correct you can move video files from the box to a pc, and convert to a suitable media type. You can't transfer video files on to the box though.]http//ww…htmHaven't done this so not sure how good it is.

Forum discussing 9200 vs 9300 models
There is a lot of misinformation about the Humax 9150T. When I bought it, I thought it had a 5.1 surround output, which even my bog-standard £12 freeview box had. I also thought it had a USB output, but then saw it didn't. Then, I thought I could at least transfer files to my PC through the serial output instead. Again this appears not to be the case.
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