Humax / Topfield / Or Tevion(aldi) HDD Recorder???

Found 18th Oct 2006
After both advice and best price.

Seen the Tevion 80gb Tevion PVR in aldi for £99.99 which looks like a great deal.

After searching around several forums discoverd it might not be very good quality. Not bothered about it breaking as it includes a 3 year guarantee. All i want to know is - Has anyone got one?? whats it like to use?? How reliable is it??

I've discovered the most recomended pvr's are the humax 9200t and the topfield5800.

So if any one knows the cheapest deal on either of these let me know.
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sorry. Posted thread then read guide.

I'm happy to purchase online from a well known supplier for the topfield or humax player.

Best price i've seen on Humax is about £190
Best price for topfield is £235 (with 160gb hard drive)

sorry. Posted thread then read guide.I'm happy to purchase online from a … sorry. Posted thread then read guide.I'm happy to purchase online from a well known supplier for the topfield or humax player.Best price i've seen on Humax is about £190Best price for topfield is £235 (with 160gb hard drive)

Hi, since buying a Tevion PVR801 (which is a Technosonic PVR101) and found that a). There's a bug whereby the sound drops whilst a channel is being recorded and b). There's a File Allocation Table bug that results in programs ultimately being wiped off the hard disk drive i'd not recommend that anyone buys these particular models. There's a firmware upgrade that's mean't to fix the sound problem that's due for broadcasting however there is no fix for the File Allocation Error bug.

Twice the hard disk drive has been wiped clean of recordings due to the File Allocation Table bug.

Item is being returned to Aldi for refund.

Dixons.co.uk are selling the Humax that you'd mentioned for £171.50 plus £9.99 postage. Johnlewis.com are selling this for £197.00 with free postage or £182.00 using the £15.00 money-off coupon that's posted on HotUKDeals. No discount codes available for Dixons.co.uk unfortunately (Currys.co.uk are charging £199.99).

The build quality of a Humax from what i've gathered is excellent and the PVR itself is very user-friendly.

My Humax is over 2 years old now and I would highly recommend them to anyone. I remember being mocked when I bought it because it wasn't really a known brand and they had very little in the way of reputation.
The best deal for the Topfield 160gb is from Empire Direct, priced @£229.99 and this WILL BE WITH A 3 YEAR WARRANTY, i bought one yesterday and collected from my local store, you can buy online and i think the postage is £4.99, great pvr, good luck on what you decide to buy.
Humax has a two year warranty 160gb harddrive can record two channels and watch playback at same time or other TV channel .
For best price feed humax 9200t into google then see if company listed with quidco
I have two, one in lounge, one in bedroom purchased from tribal and 24/7 average price after quidco £170 including delivery. no problems viewing wise unlike the tevion wich I returned to aldi. I know nothing about topfield apart from the fact it is more expensive but i would highly recomend Humax.
Due to VCR rage I decided a PVR was the way forwards about 3 years ago and I've never looked back. Bye bye VCR - bye bye tapes.

I've got the old 40GB single tuner Humax, and although it has a few quirks I'd definitely buy another or rather a 9200T. Solid build quality, looks nice and simple user interface - even the wife can use it!

Dabs also sell them - a lad at work got one a couple of months ago - I think it was around £170.
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