Hung Parliament!!

    Can someone explain this to me.....

    What does it mean, and what are the pros and cons of this????


    Going by latest polls its gonna be a well hung parliament

    Insert mp's here ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

    Basically it's when no party has an outright majority in parliament. So when it comes to make new legislation and laws, it's more difficult to put through as there is more opposition.


    didnt we have a hung parliment during the time of one of the wars and we did ok then didnt we

    We Should have a hung Parliment

    HANG EM ALL!!!

    The media really don't want a hung parliament because its bad for their agendas.

    It's not a big deal at all, and their scare tactics are purely to try and make you vote for cameron.

    Stick to your guns. Vote for who you believe in, and hung parliament or not, we'll be fine


    just like we are fine when parliament has 3-4 months summer holiday, a hung parliament will mean they cant mess anything else up for 4-5 years

    The majority of them should be in jail!

    I should try robbing a bank, then later on giving the money back and having no repercussions. Theres only them MP $%£$£$ who can get away with that expenses scandal.

    Nobody gets my vote.
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