Hungry for a lottery win?

    Passengers asked to vote for which charity should receive this 10,000 prize

    Ryanair, the worlds favourite airline, today (26th Feb) confirmed that the winner of a 10,000 Ryanair scratch card, on Thursdays FR1724 flight from Krakow to East Midlands, ate the 10,000 winning ticket after crew confirmed he had won the 10,000 prize.

    When the delighted crew congratulated the winner and advised him how to claim his prize he apparently became upset that Ryanairs cabin crew could not pay him the 10,000 there and then on the flight. When the crew explained to him that these very large 10,000 prizes needed to be verified with, and collected directly from, the scratch card company the prize winner became angry and decided to digest his win literally!

    Since this 10,000 prize will now go unclaimed Ryanair and Brand Force, the scratch card company, have decided to offer the cash to charity and have asked Ryanair passengers to vote on (until Fri 5th Mar) for which type of charity Ryanair should donate the 10,000 prize to, from the following list:

    1. An Anger Management Charity
    2. An Eating Disorder Charity
    3. A Gamblers Charity
    4. A Disruptive Childrens Charity
    5. A Mental Health Charity…ket


    Number one seems most fitting.

    Number 3 is a joke right?


    Option 6 Michael O'Leary's booze up fund

    omg why would you eat £10 000?!?!


    omg why would you eat £10 000?!?!

    To be fair plane food isn't all that

    I can't believe I'm so bored that I actually went and voted - damn the rugby and the men in the house! I voted for 5, mental health charity.

    I voted for 5 too,but what a strange collection of charities lol


    what nonsense

    its a publicity stunt

    I thought it was a wind up, doesn't seem to be though…stm


    the winning ticket for 10,000 was both more filling and better value than Ryanair in-flight food
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