husky fridge wanted

    hi there

    hoping someone can help me out, im looking for the cheapest deal on a husky glass fronted fridge to keep mountain dew in.
    doesnt matter if its branded or anything, just one of the small ones like they sell in sainsburys.
    if not much luck with the then a non husky but similar size



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    thanks guys, anyone get it any cheaper than that or are there any codes?

    Are you interested in one second hand? Have one which I might be getting rid of.

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    possibly but where in the country are you and do you have pics, and of course how much

    I'm in Newcastle.

    No pics at the moment, but it's the same as the silver Budweiser one at the top, but with Stella branding. Looks like this one:…ge/

    Not sure on price... happy to listen to offers in the region of £60-£70 though.

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    gonna cost a packet to ship mate, dunno if it would be worth it, im miles away from you

    I can get it delivered for a tenner so could do it £70 all in?

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    might be interested, but i can get a new one for £20 more, got any pics?

    I'll get it cleaned up and get some pics. Going to stick it on FSFT anyway, so I'll let you know when it's up.
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