Hyatt Regency Jersey City on the Hudson? Anyone been Please


    Ive narrowed my new york search down to 2 hotels the pennsylvania (2 star)(right slam bang in the middle of manhatten) (£420 5 nights ro) or the above hotel for £550 (this is a 4 star plus) just across the river,
    Does anyone know how long and how much it would cost to get from JFK to the Hyatt Hudson, ive got a feeling its going to be a lot, just cant find the info anywhere


    last time i was in US, it was done on milage. e.g $5 for first mile then $3 for each mile after that, plus 10% tip

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    im sure i read somewhere that it would be $120-$150 each way !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :viking::viking:

    Ive followed your posts for a while.......

    I was in New York last month and a couple of times last year, I really think you should go for the Pen. Location, Location, Location is what its all about in NYC. Taxis are cheap but VERY slow so the price adds up! For the extra you spend on the Taxis you could stay in the Waldorf!!!!! The rooms may be hit and miss, but they will be clean and tidy, with the limited time you spend in them thats all you need!!!

    If cash flow is the issue until you go then book through sombody like, they book direct with the hotel and therefore take NO money before you go, you only pay on arrival! Their just as competitive too.

    You will do a lot of walking and NYC is very tiring anyway, the last thing you will need is a 30 min Taxi journey twice Every day!!!!

    Any other questions just ask..... NYC is AMAZING!!!
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