Hybrid Bike up to £500

    Anyone know of some good deals for a hybrid bike up to around £500?:thumbsup:


    How about Giant Expression for 142 quid?
    Or if you want something a bit more sophisticated, then how about Giant CRS SX?

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    Thanks Kommunist, I like the look of the second one but looks more like a mountain bike to me? (Iknow it says hybrid).
    Do you know what frame size I'd need 6'2" 34" inside leg;-)

    I am 6'4"/36 and Expression XL (bought from the site above) is perfect for me. This bike is also quite fast, especially on good surfaces (I am not talking about asphalt but rather forest tracks) but once you leave beaten track it becomes a struggle, so it is certainly not mountain bike. Also, the riding position is upright on Expression, which might not suit you.

    As to CRS, it is hard to tell. If you look at the spec you'll see that it got city tyres, not montain ones. 27 speed is also good for commuting/city and forest rides.

    I am in no way cycling specialist, I am using bicycle just for fun of it, so don't take my word, ring the supplier and ask. Or, even better - just visit some reputable shop and try bicycle yourself.
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