Posted 10th Aug 2020
Hi everyone,

I've semi-recently moved into a newish apartment. The previous renters had HyperOptic internet so we stuck with them to avoid set up issues with other providers, and their prices weren't the worst in the world.

There's 5 of us that live in the house and all use the internet at the same time. Sometimes the internet will stop working for one or two of us but the internet will be fine for the others. Turning the router off and on again seems to rectify the issue but we can't do that all the time as it causes disruption to everyone. This does sometimes happen when there's just 3 people in the house using the internet.

Does anyone know a fix for this or something we can do to help this? We've contacted hyperoptic before. They've "troubleshooted" and sent us a new router but it still happens. Surely a router in 2020 can handle 5 of us using it at the same time? Our bandwidth is upto 100mb so that shouldn't be an issue either.

Any help would be great.

(also if someone know a easy way to set an xbox one nat type to open as its currently moderate at the moment, that would be super. The guide to changing the ports isn't very clear from hyperoptics end)
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